Mythos Wallet Case with Money Clip, Slim Modular Card Holder
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Mythos Wallet Case with Money Clip, Slim Modular Card Holder

✅ THIN AND COMPACT - Try a new feeling of both freedom and minimalism, coupled with maximum efficiency. Perfect for daily use, even fit right into your skinny jeans or suits. You can gift this minimalist wallet to your loved ones and they will surely remember you forever.Hardly bigger than a credit card
✅ INNOVATIVE CONCEPT - No mechanical components thanks to its magnetic mechanism. Ultra-light, elastic, high-tech ABS.
✅ MODULAR DESIGN - Since it is modular you can decide for yourself how many credit cards it should hold making it as thin as desidered. The Mythos wallet fits easily in any pocket, from your coat to your jeans to your backpack and It can even sit flat in your front pocket
✅ SMAL BUT FUNCTIONAL - Mythos Wallet is perfect for individuals who want a slim design without sacrificing functionality. You won't even have to give up your banknotes because of the convenient money clip on the back

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